Why do you need to buy domain name?

The domain name registration is a very important factor for every new business, online business, and it defines the reputation of the company. if you want to run your business for the long term you must have a good domain name for your business, because it gives the business a brand name that people know easily.

Why do you need to buy domain name?

Buy domain name with Bluehost ?

Reason to purchase a good domain name?

  • You can use and use your own domain address www.somename.com
  • You can use email addresses e.g. yourname@somename.com
  • Brand recognition helps you.
  • Increases your level of confidence in yourself and your company.
  • Early registration excludes someone else from taking over the domain you want.
  • The domain containing the keywords you are competing with search engines is ranked high. Alternatives to a domain name?
  • There are no alternatives to registering a domain name. These are subdomains or subfolder URLs. Subdomains are URLs like yourdame.somedomain.com. 
  • Sub-folders somedomain.com/yourname. Such alternatives include free web hosting companies offering their free packages in free packages. Subdomain or sub-folder URLs are not a good choice, except for Newbie teaching or testing.

What is TLD and what TLD do we offer?

 TLD refers to the top-level-domain, which is the last part of the domain name. The following domains are GTLD or the generic top-level-domain .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. We offer the following gTLD - .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .ASIA,. MOBI, ccTLD (Country Code) - .US, .EU, .DE, .CA, .TV, .ME, .BE, .CC, .CN, .TW, .JP, .CO, ccSLD (Country Code Second Level) -Domain) - .CO.UK, .ORG.UK

What bonuses do you get with domain registration?

  • Domain control panel
  • Full DNS control
  • Full WHOIS control
  • Domain Locking Control
  • EPP key control
  • Multi Domains Sub Accounts
  • 24/7/365 Help Center

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