How much you spend to host your website ?

When I started (like most people) I was initially amazed by the “generic” hosting services. After all, why pay when you get something “generous”? I realized over time that this was a very bad move on my part. Let me tell you why:

How much you spend to host your website ?

Free web hosting services: 

Free web hosting services are quite suitable for personal, family, or hobby activities. However, if you are looking to establish an online business or become an affiliate and earn commissions, free sites often limit your flexibility in terms of real-time credit card processing, choice of the shopping cart, and use of customized scripts (for order forms or other interactive data gathering from users). 

Affiliate programs:

Many affiliate programs will not accept persons who are hosted on a free web service. Additionally, the constant barrage of advertising by the free service, will lure your customers away and eventually hurt the sales-effectiveness of your site. 

No respect by the search engine:

Free sites don't get treated with much respect by the Search Engine spiders, and your site is almost certainly not going to be listed. Here's what Danny Sullivan, the most well-known Search Engine guru on the Net, had to say about free hosts in the August 18, 2000 issue of the search engine update.

get your own site, under your own domain, rather than doing it within or any place offering "free" home pages. Sites offering free home pages are often looked upon with suspicion by search engines because search engine spammers also make use of them. 

It's like sharing a house with bad roommates. Move out, get your own house, and you'll probably do better with search engines." 

We have all seen those Internet hosting advertisements that offer massive amounts of data storage for truly ridiculously low prices. Always remember that you get what you pay for. Data storage is generally cheap and easy to supply, however, it is much more difficult to provide customers with uninterrupted high-speed access, quality customer care, technical expertise, and guaranteed uptime. 

List of some best hosting websites:


It is important to make sure of exactly what you need, and what you are getting before you jump at a bargain. Choose a provider offering prices commensurate with the range and quality of its services. In general, 

the typical hosting package for most small companies' requirements will cost about US$25 per month. A small price to pay for your online store monthly rental.

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