How to start a free blog to make money ?

Today we are going to talk about a complete step by step guide to start a new blog here, if you are really thinking about starting a blog, now the blog is really great, so today We will give tips to all those who start blogging Blogger on platform. 

You want to do this so that you are successful from day one, it is important that you first take care of how to start a blog to keep your blog alive. Let's present you here with the best tips to kick start.

How to start a free blog to make money

The ultimate guide on how to start a free blog with no money.

First of all, we want to welcome you to the Simplify Blogging guide on how to start a blog and make money.

To make a new blog you will need these three points:

  • How to create and successfully launch your blog.
  • How to Growing your audience through valuable content they love.
  • How to make money from blogging.

Step 1 - Create a blog first :

To start a blog for free, you can start your own blog with the help of Google's Blogger platform. And here you will not even have to buy web hosting, everything will be completely free, which is the most fun thing.

And you also get 15 GB of free storage from Google, which is quite enough to start a blog, and with 15 GB of space, you can write at least 1000 to 1200 posts comfortably.

Now one thing will definitely come to your mind that after all how to make a free blog, then let us teach you how to make a blog for free.

If you are starting your blog first time, then to start a blog, first of all you have to open Google's best free platform, after open the blogger you will have to sign up and create your account on Blogger.

When your account is created then you will have to click on Create a new blog or, it can also be that as soon as you sign up on Blogger, you will automatically see options to choose the title and name of the blog, just You have to start your blog by filling those options.

Moreover, you can also add your own custom domain by purchasing a domain name from hosts like hostinger or Bluehost.

Please follow the guide on -

Below we are giving a picture example, you can start your blog by looking at it.

Choose a name for your blog first.

How to start a free blog on blogger

Once you choose the name for your blog you will have to click the next button then you have to choose the blogspot domain name for your blog for that i will give the example below with the picture.

How to start a free blog on blogger

Then choose your display name on bogger like I choose Vikas Yadav your name could be anything you want to give. Now click on the Next button your blog is ready to rock google

Now click on the finish button, for your new blog ready to rock google, Now it's time to see how your blog looks likes on google chrome, For the just click the view blog option below in blogger, And make sure don't forget to choose the theme from the theme option in the blogger.

Choose blogger theme for blog

Now choose your best theme for your blog it could be your custom theme or blogger theme whichever you want to use on your blog.

Here I choose a simple theme to start my blog. To apply a theme just click on the theme option and click on the apply button to make changes in themes.

Choose blogger theme

Now create pages for blogger, to create pages you will have to go to the options pages in blogger platform then click on the pages button, here you will see a blank page to make pages just type the title of the pages like for example in the picture below.

Never forget to create main pages for bloggers like please see the picture example below to create main pages for blogs.

  • Home
  • Privacy policy 
  • Terms And Condition
  • Contact us

Publish blog posts

Create a post for your blog:

We have finished with the pages and now its time to publish some posts on your blog because without posts and content our blog does not drive traffic and audience. also make sure your content is unique and only written by you, do not copy other content because it will not help you to grow your blog and write on the topic and niche which you know better and write a good article on that niche.

To create a post click on the button new posts.

Click on new posts

After click on the new post, it will open a new page where you can write your post title, content, permalink, publishes date and time, and select labels, and write a search description for your post which is not more than 150 characters in bogger.

  • For select labels just put the coma in front of the labels like for example ( online money, ).
  • Permalink example- Always write permalink with dashes like this ( How-to-earn-online-money)
  • Choose automatic updates it will easier for you to choose a date and time.
  • Write search description up to 130-150 characters for best results in google search.
  • Make sure to publish at least 20 to 30 posts before applying for Google Adsense and any affiliate program.

Now you have written all the things for the post, it's time to publish the post and live on the google search engine.

For that just click the publish button when all things are done properly.

How to Make money from your blog :

By the way, there are many ways to earn money from blogs like you can connect your blog with Google AdSense or you can earn money by promoting affiliate programs on your blog.

But here, if we talk about the beginner, then he would like to join Google adsense first because this is the easiest way to make income online. Because here you can earn money only by clicking on ads.

All you have to do is to link your blog with adsense account and to add, you have to send your blog for a review on adsense. And as soon as adsense reviews your blog in 1 week and you get instant approval, then you will start seeing adsense google ads in the blog shortly.

And yes, even if you do not get the approval of AdSense, you should not be disappointed as you can earn more than AdSense in Affiliate Marketing & Promotion and there is no fear of AdSense rejections.

Some popular affiliate promotions you should join to earn money from a blog:

Steps to connect your blog to Google Adsense:

Here we have a very good option to join Adsense in blogger because the blogger has his own feature to connect your blog automatically through blogger account.

To connect your blog to Google Adsense make sure you have signed up for the Adsense account first go to your Adsense page fill the form and sign up for an AdSense account before connecting your blog to Adsense.

Make online money

After sign up with Adsense your blog is ready to connect with your AdSense account, now just go to your blogger account and click on the earning tab on blogger. here you will see the option with connect AdSense, just click on the connect Adsense button your blog is connected to the AdSense.

connect blog to AdSense

Moreover, you can also go to the AdSense page and go to the site option there you can add your site manually then submit it to google for review and review can take up to a week or months depends on the location and countries.

add site to adsense account

After adding your site, go to your blogger account and click on the theme option then click on the edit Html option to paste the AdSense code below the head tag in blogger.

Copy html code to blogger

Now you have seen the above picture just copy the code and place it between the head tags of the blogger. and then click the submit button all done your blog is ready to earn money from Adsense in few days once it approved by the Adsense team.


In my opinion, blogger is the best platform to learn blogging with free tools for any new beginners from any age because it's so easy to use the blogger to make new blogs and you can also make unlimited blogs for free on blogger. but we advise run two to three blogs are enough and you can maintain them easily and update easily on daily basis.

Moreover, blogging is a great career option and but it's slow, and need the patience to make money from a blog and if you always write content for your audience only what they love to read, I am sure your blog will drive traffic day by day.

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