How To Find High Quality backlinks for websites

Today we are going to tell you here in a very easy way what are backlinks and what do backlinks work for the website and how do backlinks help you to rank your site.

You must have read about do-follow backlinks in many places but here we will tell you very easily the strategy of creating do-follow backlinks which will help you to rank your website as soon as possible within Google.

But before telling about backlinks, we want to give you one more information that you will never create spam backlinks for your website because if you create spammy links on your website then those backlinks can reduce your website ranking. And your visitors can also be reduced.

So always make good quality backlinks for your website which helps to rank the website and your website should be safe.

How To Find High Quality backlinks for websites

What are backlinks?

Backlinks act as a backbone for your website, meaning if your users like your content and share your posts or pages on Facebook, websites, blogs, and if your content is very unique then people automatically do link building on their website, so that your backlinks slowly get build and which we call backlinks.

Types of backlinks:

No-follow links are those links. Google does not crawl for ranking and it does not help in ranking your website. In a way, they give orders to the search engines which link with rel = "nofollow" HTML attribute If it is, then ignores that link and do not index it in the Google search engine.

Here is an example of no follow link-

<a rel="nofollow" href="">How To Find High Quality Dofollow Blogs</a>

Do- follow links are those links. Google crawls for blog ranking and it helps in ranking your website. Dofollow links help your search engine rankings. Nofollow links don’t. in simple terms, do-follow backlinks and indexable by google and no follow link is not.

Here is an example of do-follow link-

<a href="">How To Find High Quality Dofollow Blogs</a>

you can see above there is no attribute or tag of no-follow link.

How to get high-quality do-follow backlinks:

Today we will tell you how to make do follow and no follow here and share with you the strategy of making your best backlinks which will help you to create backlinks instantly.

Now we will show you the names of two websites which are the best way to create backlinks, there are many ways to create backlinks, such as you can create links.

  • Guest posting
  • Forum backlinks
  • Make backlinks automatically under unique content
  • Social sharing
  • Check backlink of the website with the help of tools like semrush and ahref
  • Make backlinks from profile blog.
  • Buy backlinks from websites and pay for backlinks.
  • Anchor text in comment blogs
  • Dofollow and no follow comment blogs

Other methods which I use personally for the new website are :

make backlinks

To use put my and drop my link for backlinks open the website drop my link and type the keyword of website-related like fitness and health or blogging or any other website. after typing the keyword tap the below table to find the do follow and no follow backlinks from commenting, guest posting and other .edu and .gov blogs.

I will show you an example here how these links website works let's start with comment blogging backlinks. as you can see below I have typed the keyword what is SEO and choose the box (anchor text in comment blog) you have the freedom to choose any other box to find the backlinks.

put my link

Now I have selected the comment blogs to find the backlinks for my website, Now click the search button to find the website with no-follow and do-follow backlinks. which is look like this on your google page.

backlinks for websites

Now click on the first link on google to find the backlink opportunity. once you click the link new webpage of the website has open for you to find backlinks. 

How To Find High Quality backlinks for websites

Now scroll down the key see the comment section below there you can make backlinks for your website or blog.

How To Find High Quality backlinks for websites

Now type your name and comment in the blog section in a way that looks natural and don't try to make spammy backlinks as spam backlinks are always deleted in a while by the authors.

Final words:-

Never try to create links together like if you use the help of a backlink generator, it can cause damage to your blog like increasing the spam score of the blog, lowering the ranking of the post, so If you want to stay in the field of blogging for long, then always make a right and natural backlink.

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