How to add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

Before we begin, let us tell you a little bit about the Blogspot domain. Blogspot is a product of Google and it is just one such product that is used worldwide to make your blog free of cost, you can create your unlimited website for free and start blogging. And also you can add your custom domain to it. To add a custom domain, you have to buy your own domain name For example-(, after that, you can add it to your free Blogspot domain.

How to add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

The only advantage of this is that Google provides you free web hosting for a lifetime at the only condition you never misuse your free BlogSpot services and work according to the Google terms and condition and never post any such thing that's not good for your readers. 

 And if you work properly on your blog and write regular posts on it, then traffic starts slowly coming on your blog, and keep in mind that your post should always be a unique post written by you.

So let us tell you how you can add your custom domain with Blogspot if you have purchased your domain name from the GoDaddy website.

If you want to connect your domain to Blogger For this, first you have to buy your own domain. Click here to buy the domain. After buying a domain name, you have to connect your domain to the blogger. 

Complete Guide to Setup BlogSpot with the Custom Domain Name on Godaddy

As a beginner, most people like to make their website on the Blogspot domain and their free domain looks like, Because there is no need to buy hosting and domain,  and also it becomes very easy to operate a blog on the blogger platform. 

So now you ask me why do you need a custom domain for your blog:

  • It helps to brand your website
  • Your blog looks professional and gives you an identity
  • Blogspot is usually run by spammers only 
  • When it comes to credibility, most websites don't like Blogspot links to the backlink.

Add your custom domain to blogger account:

First, you have to log to your blogger dashboard account and open your blogger settings and scroll down your cursor and you will see the option publishing then click on a custom domain.+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link.

Add your custom domain to blogger account:

Now type your URL in your custom domain box and click the save button after clicking the save button its shows the DNS setting for URL to connect to GoDaddy.

How to add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

After all, these settings show you how to set up a third-party domain name to blogger and you need to just follow the steps of google to connect your custom domain name.

add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

Now you will see the error says we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. it means you will have to set up your custom domain DNS settings with Godaddy.

Now you have the CNAME records, go to your domain's control panel, and make the changes. You can follow the steps below to do so.

Now Setting up CNAME and A records for the custom domain name BlogSpot.

Open your Godaddy account and logging into the dashboard  and then click on my products option in the account section you will see the screen like this :

Add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

Now click the DNS you will see the new page with a DNS management setting where you need to change the CNAME and A Record of your domain name.

Now you have to make two new CNAME in the DNS setting. Add the CNAME you got from the BlogSpot setup page. Fill in the details like the below pictures.

c name for custom domain name

Now click to add another copy of CNAME for your Blogspot domain.

c name for custom domain name

 Add A RECORDS for your custom domain name for Blogspot.

This is the last step to set up your domain name with Blogspot, in this setup you have to add four IP address in you A Records. For example, I have added one picture of A record, you can follow the same for others also.

Four IP address for Blogspot:


Add custom domain to blogger with godaddy

Now repeat the same process for reaming three A Records. 

Now you have added all the four A Records and done all the settings. now just click the save button and don't forget to tick on Blogspot redirect option to complete the domain process. and also you can now add https redirect allow to your blog for a safe browsing experience.

Normally this will take 20 minutes to 24 hours, to change all the settings globally. Now you can go to your Blogspot dashboard and save all the settings and error will go away automatically and you will see the screen like this.

Now you have done all the things your blog is ready to go with the google search engine. Google will automatically take care of the redirection part. All links are working properly and you don't need to worry about your blog.

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