Ezioc review-How to increase AdSense revenue with Ezoic

Ezoic is a google ads certified partner that gives you the opportunity to earn revenue from Google products like AdSense and Google Ad Manager. 

Moreover, ezoic is a machine learning intelligent platform that provides you the best Google ads by analyzing your content on your website. 

It is also very easy to use ezoic, you just have to signup and send your website for review, let us tell you that ezoic takes at least 24 hours to 48 hours to review your website. But before applying, keep in mind that your website is at least six months old and it has at least 10000 visitors monthly otherwise the team of ezoic can reject your website.

Apart from this, ezoic supports both Hindi and English websites, and you know that Adsense earning in the Hindi website is less because its traffic is mostly from India. And if you create a website in English, your earnings will be more because the traffic on the English website comes from the USA & Uk Canada, which gives high CPC and earning is high.

Please note that your site must be located on its own domain name. Subdomains are not supported by ezoic publisher.

Join the Ezoic to increase your Adsense revenue

what is ezioc and how to increase revenue with ezoic

How to apply for Ezoic publishers to increase revenue:

  • To apply for Ezoic your website has at least 10000 monthly sessions and has a low bounce rate and traffic of at least 10000 to 20000 visitors monthly.

  • Make sure your website has original content written by you, if you have copy-paste content then your website has been rejected by the team of ezoic , Overall - the site must be in compliance with Google's policies

  • Ezoic supports all languages websites until they met there google terms and condition you can read here which language is supported by ezoic.

  • If you need any further help with ezoic publisher a team member is always there to help with your blog and website and they will set up all the things for your you just need to give the data of your website and some screenshot to set up your new website.

How to connect your blog with Ezoic ?

You need to add your domain with Ezoic and then need to take 4 to 5 steps.

  • First, integrate your website.
Ezoic setups guide

  • Setups ads testing.
  • Choose nameserver-Next, you will need to update your current name servers with the ones provided for you. In order to do so, you will need to go to your registrar and change your name servers which are given on ezoic page.
  • Code snippet- Not good for premium websites and not recommended for high traffic blogs and websites.
To connect your site or place the code snippet between the head tag of your website but in my opinion, the best option to is choosing nameserver to start with your website because it will give you more earnings, faster website speed and takes less than one minute to attach your website with ezoic.

Terms and Condition for the website to join Ezoic

The website must be in compliance with Google policies and Ezoic policies.

  • No invalid clicks/impressions
  • Don't falsely encourage clicks
  • Do not offer copyrighted material/downloads
  • Do not offer counterfeit products
  • The site must have reliable traffic sources
  • Sites should not redirect users to unwanted underlying or pages/sites / pop-ups Game content
  • Don't use auto-generated content
  • Don't create empty pages without original content
  • Do not use content copied from other web pages
  • don't do  keyword stuffing
  • Don't use adult / dangerous / derogatory content
  • Do not offer content related to alcohol, tobacco, or health care
  • Don't use aggressive/threatening content
  • Don't use illegal content

Benefits of joining Ezoic publishers

  • It is an automatic intelligent learning site program that placed the highest CPC ads on your website or blog.
  • you can use ezoic ads with google Adsense ads ezoic placed the high CPC bidder automatically on your blog you don't need to remove the Adsense ads from your website.
  • Ezoic ads are open faster and also help to increase your website speed.
  • Ezoic supports both WordPress and blogger platforms with original content.
  • You don't need to worry about invalid clicks at all.
  • Ezoic gives the best analytics for you where the traffic comes from and which ads click the most and give you high revenue and which country has high traffic and clicks on your website.

My final words:

Right now ezoic is used by most of the professional websites and bloggers worldwide and it is the only best source to increase the revenue of any niche blog. and the best things about ezoic partnership their team ready to help you 24 hours and supports blogs in every language and automatically placed ads for you on your website without interfering with the audience traffic.

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